About Grace Hye


Grace Hye ( Hye yeon Chung ) is an artist and multi-designer based in Paris, with a background that encompasses both the realms of art and fashion. Born in Seoul, she pursued studies in fine arts in Korea and delved into fashion design in France. With an abiding curiosity for art, fashion, and design, she established the "Grace Hye" brand in 2015.
Operating under the name "Grace Hye," she has embarked on dynamic artistic endeavors. Notably, in 2021, she opened the "Galerie Nouvelle" near Paris' Champs des Mars area, where she also serves as an art director. At "Galerie Nouvelle," visitors can directly engage with her latest creations, exploring a diverse collection of paintings and ceramic works that encapsulate her distinctive style and artistic worldview.
Grace Hye's work transcends conventional boundaries, showcasing a repertoire of innovative experimentation beyond the confines of classical norms. Her artistic journey has led her to establish a unique presence in the art scene, and her contributions are eagerly anticipated. Her pieces encapsulate her individuality and artistic perspective, reflecting an ongoing exploration of art's potential, unencumbered by traditional constraints.
As an artist to watch, Grace Hye's trajectory promises remarkable achievements and continued creative exploration. Her artworks, fueled by her distinct vision and passion, will continue to evolve, offering audiences a closer look into the captivating world of art.