Grace Hye's followers on Discord and Twitter may already know about "amulets," which are short poems with a lucky SHA-256 hash.

These unique poems were first discovered by Robin Sloan and combine language, code, and luck as a form of poetry that involves proof of work. The idea was to introduce an Amulet NFT collection to the Stacks blockchain, closely tied to the Bitcoin blockchain, after Ethereum transitioned to Proof of Stake.

Now, announcing that amulets will become an "ordinal collection," especially suitable for the Bitcoin blockchain due to their small size as short poems. While it's early in the process and some tools are still in development, collaboration with Neoswap and Gamma is planned to create and manage the amulet ordinal collection and launch its first auction.



Amulets are appealing due to their simplicity, allowing anyone to create one as long as it meets specific criteria, including being 64 bytes or less in complete Unicode text and containing four or more consecutive 8s in its hexadecimal SHA-256 hash. The hope is that the Stacks community, including developers, will embrace this unique form of computer-assisted poetry, and it could potentially become a community project.

The first amulet ordinal collection is now life on Bitcoin, and those interested can stay updated by joining Grace Hye's Discord.

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